Yesker Backdrop Clamps and Background Clips 6 pack, 4.4 inch Heavy Duty Clips Holder for Photography Studio Video Backdrop Support Stand

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  • PACKAGE INCLUDING: 6pcs Backdrop Spring Clamps and 6pcs Background Clips.
  • Backdrop Spring Clamps is made of durable plastic,heavy duty clamp, non-slip handle, high toughness. Length: 4.4inch, Width: 3.3inch, Opening jaw 2inch, a larger opening and wider adaptation meet different demands.
  • Backdrop Spring Clamps: Jagged shape mouth and non-slip rubber sleeve, fixed background cloth firmly, Firmness makes photography shooting more easy, saving your time.
  • Adjustable orange tips, which can hold different objects firmly, improve flexibility. The backdrop clamps are really sturdy and tight to hold your backdrop securely in place. To prevent damage to the orange plastic tips, please make sure they are aligned before closing or they may be damaged due to the clamp pressure.
  • Background Clips: Velcro length 11inch, rubber cord length 8inch, the maximum can be extended to 14inch, it is suitable for a wider range, with a button that can control the rope length, the operation is more convenient, the metal clip with gear, more non-slip more better.